How to choose a good real estate agent

Ensure that you select a real estate agent that is going to work for you. 

As Cambodia’s property market is maturing, there are calls for the industry to be regulated. This will help the sector to become more streamline and recognise credible real esate agents. You can carry out your own due diligence to achieve this too. Just follow our simple tips.

1. Do they have a proven track record?

There is no better testament to any service than good feedback. Word of mouth recommendations hold a lot of weight. More recently, reviews can be online through Facebook and other forums. Check the real estate agent’s testimonials and don’t be afraid to get in contact with those leaving the review should you require any further information. Also check with your neighbour who has just sold their property as to the agent they used. The developer may even recommend a particular agent for the building. That agent will have extensive knowledge of the project who everyone goes to when looking to buy, sell or rent there.

2. How many listings do they have?

The extend of the agent’s listings will be able to give you an idea of how established they are. It will also show what locations they cover as you want to enlist the help of someone who has expertise in your given destination. It also gives you the chance to see if an agent keeps his listing up to date, which will show that they are organised and able to keep on top of their stock.

3. How proactive is the agent?

How proactive and responsive an agent is will indicate their hunger to do a deal. Ideally an agent will make regular contact with you to let you know of any new properties or just to let you know that they have not forgotten you. Likewise, you want to be easily be able to get hold of them so be wary of an agent that fails to get back to you.

4. Do they know the market well?

A good agent will be one that knows exactly what is going on in the market. The depth of their knowledge indicates how experienced they are. It is also a vital tool to guide you through the process. This could be from advising you to do short or long term lettings or talking you through the different land titles in Cambodia.

5. Can you get on?

Property transactions can be stressful so it important that you can get on with the agent. You don’t need to be best friends, but you do need to be able to have a good relationship to help smooth out the process. Remember a good salesperson will get on with anyone.

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